How to choose a Fishing Reel

How to choose a Fishing Reel: Everything you need to know

As we all know, fishing reels are widely used in fishing equipment and it comes in different brands, types, and sizes. They consist of different parts that work in a way to catch fish species from small ones to bigger ones. Fishing reels growing year by year and it keeps on improving with new technology, which helps anglers achieve their fishing goals and make them feel comfortable during their fishing times.

We have many reel types in the market and each reel work in a different way. To choose the one you must understand their working principles which help you also maintain the reel and use it in a proper way. But how to choose a Fishing Reel? What are the Different Types of Fishing Reels? How to Match a Fishing Reel to Your rod and Line?

I’ll help you answer all these questions in this post. The answers are simple and I’m going to guide you with this. So let’s get started right away!

How to Choose a Fishing Reel?

The market is full of Fishing Reels of different sizes and types. Many anglers, especially beginners are overwhelmed when it comes to picking a Fishing Reel, which sometimes results in choosing the wrong reel and ends with no results or even poor ones.

To choose a Fishing Reel, you must consider 2 things:

The first thing is the “baits” you want to use.

It’s so important to know which bait you want to throw in order to choose your Fishing Reel. If you want to throw lures or jigs it’s better to pick a spinning reel with a curved spool release which helps the line comes off faster that increasing the cast distance. Of course, the jig or lure weight, shape, and size play a big role when casting far, which we will discuss in our lures article.

If you want to throw another type of baits like warms, bread, chicken, or shrimp you can choose the same reel or pick a less expensive reel without a curved spool release for such a situation.

The Second thing is the “fish species” you want to target.

In simple words, if you’re looking for a big fish game, a spinning reel can be used but it’s preferable to pick a baitcasting reel, why? because baitcasting reels are designed with a very high drag system that handles big fish fights and here we’re talking about throwing bigger lures and jigs. It also improves casting distance and accuracy, but line control can be really hard, especially for beginners, which will cause backlash or bird net.

So alternatively you can go with a Spinning Reel designed for cast and has a high drag system with a big spool to handle thicker lines. This will decrease your casting distance but improve accuracy and power when you get the big bite!

What are the Different Types of Fishing Reels? How to Use Each?

When I started fishing, I realized how confusing when you choose a Fishing Reel, so I learned about all types of Fishing Reels before choosing the one I need. Choosing a Fishing Reel, especially for new anglers will be overwhelming, but knowledge is the solution. That’s I’m going to guide you in this, stay tuned, and let’s get started!

Let’s first learn about all types of Fishing Reels, their specifications, and their pros & cons:

1-Spinning Reels

This type of reel is the best choice for most anglers, beginners, or professionals. It’s easy to use and versatile which makes it a good choice for amateurs. These reels are good for live, light baits, small and medium weighted lures, soft baits, and spinners.


How to Match a Fishing Reel to Your Rod and Line?




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